Tuesday, July 27, 2010

bye Timothy!

Here is the very last Timothy - I have run out of old man cardigan!

This Timothy had a small rent in his arm, which after darning needed a bandage. Then he asked for a bandaid - he also has a few spare in his bag for emergencies. He could be a medic, a bit clutzy, or a self harmer. Im not sure. Hopefully Emma from Innaloo can figure it out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mr Fox and Brian the Lion

Finally, some photos! A few weeks to catch you up on. First, Mr Fox. a Lindsay Smith Pattern I have blogged about previously. Im having some problems with his tail. I didnt really like the tail in the pattern, and it seems whenever I try and make a tail someone always says they dont like it. So for now, he is tail-less. But its ok as he is mine!

This little cutie I made for a friend, Brian, who is a Leo, and seems to have a penchant for lions. I was a bit dubious about gifting a small stuffed toy to a man, but he seemed ok with it, phew! He is so incredibly cute, I like the way he looks at you, he is inquisitive, and has a pensive, poignant look in his beady little black eyes... lol.

My 25th birthday is coming up soon. Im having a pirate themed party, although a few weeks after my birthday as its a long weekend and every one is going away! So I have my eye on this pattern, perfect for a pirate! I have been crocheting a lot, perhaps something to do with procrastinating from study? Exams in a few weeks, so its back to the grind stone!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Exhibition openings and strolls down memory lane

Friday night saw me (after doing the hockey-mum run for the little sister) at the opening of Primal Playground at Mix Tape gallery. Its the first gallery opening I have been to since art school, and I got to catch up with lots of old friends, Korrin and Tiffany included who were exhibiting. Some of the work is really quite exciting, but perhaps it just appeals to my creepy side.

Tony our sculpture lecturer was there, I spoke to him briefly before trying to let him peruse the work, instead of being hounded by many ex students. He sent me this picture of us sitting around the campfire at Cue 2005. I believe the hat is protection from the cold, with a shaved head? Thats the only reasonable and rational explanation I can give! So I thought I would take a brief trip down memory lane with a few more burn pics...

Ahh, the good old days... I don't get nearly as dirty now.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DUST team Craft swap!

Tuesday the mailman came and delivered two parcels. One was a brick pretending to be a Unit readings booklet. The other was my craft swap with Del from DELicious Designz.

Mr Flopsy Bunny has made it to my 'do not sell' shelf. My ring is in the picture too, but right now its on my finger! Ahem, maybe should have looked at what books were in the photo before taking the shot!?! Sorry!

So now I can share some pics of the two little guys that have just found a new home. Del has posted some pics on her blog also, I had forgotten how cute they were!

Blue monkey and Purple Girraffe went to Holland before they begun their journey to chilly Albany!

Thinking I might sign up for the next one, even though I dont really have the time, it was good fun!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

oh so slack blogger!

Ok finally pulling my finger out and writing in this little box.

Yesterday I sent my DUST craft swap parcel to Del in Albany. Unless Australia Post is feeling especially punctual, it should be there around wednesday next week. Im pretty excited, and when she has it I will put up some photos...Its always hard to say goodbye to amigarumi! AND I have a new product line (LOL, sounds serious) the cutest little cherry earrings. When my little sister Rebecca comes over I will take some photo's and put them on Etsy. I already have an order for a friend in Bunbury. And Del is my first guinea pig. I wore them to work yesterday and everyone loved them.

Meanwhile, I have two essays and a test due in the next week, hence not being here much! I should go read Macbeth right now!

I downloaded a pattern from ravelry, I have been wanting to make a fox for ages, and I love Lindsay Smith's designs.
This one is heading straight to my bed!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April DUST craft swap

I signed up for the DUST April craft swap and found out yesterday that I have been partnered with Dell from DELicious Designz. She has two girls, 8 and 10, which great! The girls have suggested they would like a blue monkey and a purple giraffe. Off to the drawing board!

Del's resin jewlery is lovely, and I love the Alice themed pendants. This is my first swap, I hope she will be happy. I might sneak something in for her also, shhhh dont tell.

The new butterfly's in the shop still haven't had a proper photo shoot! You cant really see the wings but its enough to get the idea. After much prompting from Meagan the very girly pink
butterfly was born. People seem to really like the boggley eyes so Im trying to encorporate them more.

On a Literary note, I have finished almost all my Chaucer reading, and Im moving on to Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida soon. I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe easter weekend, and think of me snowed under school work and mid-season sale dramas at work!

Friday, March 26, 2010

WIP Wednesday on Friday

I couldnt wait til next Wednesday to post the new pics of my tattoo, and as technically I didnt get home till very early Thursday morning, I couldnt have posted on Wednesday anyway. And at 1.00am when you haven't eaten and youve been stuck with millions of little needles the last thing you want to do is take photos.

The lighting was terrible today, I tried to take some photos of the butterfly finger puppet I made last night but they didn't turn out. Hopefully the clouds disappear tomorrow. The new butterfly is in honour of my second etsy sale! A little green boggeldy eyed frog on his way to America somewhere.
I got totally ripped off at the post office, so I really made no money whatsoever on that particular sale, henceforth I shall never go to that post office again. Lesson learnt.

All in all its been a great week. I'm on top of my schoolwork so that makes me happiest of all. 1.5 tests completed and 400 words to go on my essay, and only a billion more Chaucer chapters to read! All very modest goals for the weekend I think.